Pilot production:

One multipurpose pilot workshop and one Kilo-lab with the capacity of paralleling 4-5 projects per year which providing the reliable data of process demon stration for commercialization; Or production in kilo gram scale to metric tons on purchase order base.

?        Reactors range from 50L to 2000L.

?        Materials of construction: GL, 304ss, 316L,nickel, graphite etc.

?        Conditions: negative pressure, atmospheric pressure and high pressure.

?         Reaction: fluorination, chlorination, Grignard reaction, hydrogenation, Cyanation, condensation, and cyclization etc.


Project manager takes the responsibilities for the whole project implementation to keep projects go safety, efficiently and smoothly. We have six project managers, the project team involves in the all relevant specialties: process, equipment, instrument, electricity, engineering and procurement.


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