R&D and Technology


One of the best R&D center in China Fine Chemical area:

Equipped with 72 air-flow controlled bench hoods, 9 walk-in hoods (scale up to 30L) and state-of-the-art instruments such as NMR (400HMz), HPLC, GC, RC1, DSC/TGA, etc.

Well qualified R&D team:

36 R&D chemists, among of them 5 PhDs, 11 masters and 10 senior researchers who are highly experienced and specialized in multistep organic synthesis. We’re good at fluorination, chlorination, ammonization, cyclopropanation, hydrogenation, hydroformylation, methoxy, methylene,oxidation, diazotization, chiral synthesis and chiral separation and so on; Strong learning and optimization ability inprocess development; applied over 40 patents.

Expertise in Chemical Process development and engineering solution:

From several grams in R&D laboratory scaling up to kilo scale in kilo-lab and pilot workshop until commercialization to realize the total engineering solution.Continuous and semi-continuous technology in production of fine chemicals especially influorination and chlorination technology.

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